Treadstone's Distinctive Approach

Limited Engagements

Treadstone accepts a limited number of engagements at any given time in order to provide individual developments the full attention they require. This allows us to maximize results and client satisfaction.

Customizable Services

Treadstone closely and carefully tailors its services to the needs of each client and development. Each has its own unique attributes, and an adaptive approach insures that we meet those very explicit needs.

Flexibility and Creativity

There are many standard approaches within the industry with great merit, but achievement of the greatest results often requires a degree of flexibility and creative engineering. Treadstone's depth of experience, combined with its individualized approach to each development, fosters creative solutions without hindering the process or timeline.

Multi-Disciplined Approach

In response to the increasing complexity of affordable housing transactions, and the need for highly specialized expertise covering many areas, Treadstone created an innovative multi-disciplined strategy, integrating the requisite professionals within a directed team to streamline processes.

Established Team with Proven Results

Treadstone works with a wide variety of qualified firms to provide first-rate, cost-effective professional services including: attorneys, architects, engineers, appraisers, lenders and investors. Through years of experience and a variety of challenging developments and circumstances, we have created relationships with an outstanding group of professionals.

Unique Fee Structure

The majority of Treadstone's fees are paid when success is realized, for the development and the client. We structure our fees such that we are invested in the success of our developments in the same way as our clients.